Suzuki Garphyttan 2022

Our year in brief

Our year in brief 2022 - Suzuki Garphyttan


A steady partner
in a turbulent world

As 2023 begins, we are looking back at a year of great challenges. Partly because of the uneasy situation in the world, which we had to adapt to along with everyone else. And partly because of the intense and challenging startup of our new business system (ERP), OneShare.

But 2022 also demonstrated that Suzuki Garphyttan remains a reliable, stable partner even when times are tough. Thanks to the tremendous dedication of our employees and the loyal support of our customers, we maintained our strong position in the market.

We are continuing our journey forward, a journey that includes diversification and sustainability. We are rethinking and approaching things in new ways. All in order to continue being a stable, futureproof partner to the automotive industry – even as we grow through innovative solutions and exciting partnerships in a variety of new areas.


Highlights 2022

A lot happens over a year. We were finally able to meet up with our customers again, after the pandemic, at trade shows and events this year. We pressed on with sustainability efforts at all our sites. And we made several investments that will help us develop and manufacture new and improved products. All of which are essential for navigating our change journey and achieving our ambitious goals.

Highlights by the numbers


Number of employees



Organic growth



Sales growth from SEK 2.2 till 2.7 billion


Tonnes of wire


Together for a better tomorrow

This is our vision, a short statement of why we do everything we do. It’s about creating conditions for a brighter future together. What we do today determines what our company, our employees and our world will look like tomorrow. We aim to continue being a strong and reliable partner for many years to come.

We have defined goals and activities in all three areas of sustainability: environmental, financial and social. Here we will touch on a few of our achievements in 2022. More information is available in our annual sustainability report, which you can find on our website.

Towards an accident-free workplace

Safety is a top priority for all employees of Suzuki Garphyttan. Always. We have set a tough goal – zero accidents in 2025. There is much work to be done, but we are seeing clear improvements. This is in part because we switched our focus to working more with behaviors, attitudes and values.

New technology making us gentler on the environment

We are constantly refining our processes and technology with the goal of eliminating hazardous substances from our production. One example is the new-generation hardening technology we introduced, which has helped us make great strides towards more sustainable operations.

We have also developed our processes so that some of our steel types can be produced more efficiently with less waste. This makes a significant difference in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

People and skills

Employees are everything

We believe in the power of people, and are convinced that the key to continued development and success is our employees – both those who already work here and those we need to attract in order to expand our expertise. During the year, we strengthened our expertise in technology, operational leadership, application management, sustainability and our own production chain.

Research & Development teams with a focus on new products

Along the way to a more even distribution of products for the automotive industry and products in other areas, we are building up new product development teams. These will spend 100 percent of their time working with new segments and offerings, while existing teams retain their focus on customers in the automotive industry.

What is so great about working here?

We need to recruit new employees with the right attitude and expertise. To do so, we have to be able to show what we have to offer. What is it that attracts people to work at Suzuki Garphyttan? We asked the people who know – and made our employer brand a lot clearer.

We go where the expertise is

As we grow, we need to recruit the right competence – especially when it comes to engineers and technicians. There for we put a lot of efforts in building knowledge, awareness and relationships with students and universities.

Global program for managers – beneficial for all employees

Our employees are the most important thing we have, and we want to give them every advantage they need to develop into their best working selves. To achieve this, we start with our managers, who are leaders and role models in the organization.

Meet Simon, Production Manager at Suzuki Garphyttan in China

Our Global Trainee Program – a true win–win

An important and enjoyable part of our efforts to secure future expertise and employees is our global trainee program. For us, it is essential to come in contact with young, well-educated people with new and innovative ways of thinking – this is where we find the business and product developers of tomorrow. For trainees, the program provides access to valuable expertise from experienced colleagues and an opportunity to jump-start their careers. In other words, a true win–win.

In 2022 we had five participants in the ten-month-long program. Here, two of them – Ilaria Menti from Italy and Sakthivel Balaji from India – talk about their experiences and reveal what they are doing now…

llaria Menti, trainee from Italy

Watch the video where Ilaria talks about her experiences in the trainee program, and also why she decided to come to us.

Sakthivel Balaji, trainee from India

Watch the video to learn more about the best parts of our Global Trainee Program, according to Sakthivel.

Join our journey
– grow stronger with us

Our journey towards new businesses, a broader offering and a better tomorrow has only just begun. We are constantly on the lookout for people with the right attitude and expertise. Curious about what that might mean? Follow us on LinkedIn. Keep an eye on our careers page. And don't hesitate to contact one of us directly!

For currently available positions and more on what we have to offer, please see our careers page >

Stronger together

Always stronger together

There's no denying it – we are always stronger together. Together with our own team members and in close partnership with our customers and other stakeholders.

A global team with a local presence

Being a global player with production on several continents is a fantastic advantage. We have access to all the knowledge and experience at our global facilities, so we can quickly and conveniently meet local customer demand. And because we produce the same wire at multiple sites, we can easily cover for one another if problems arise.

Together we make up a large global team that is constantly developing and maintaining a high pace of improvement. When one of our sites develops a new approach or process that works well, we share it with one another – and just like that, the whole company takes a big stride forward.

The new business system got off to a challenging start

To achieve an even higher degree of digitalization, efficiency and standardization of our processes – and provide our customers with even better service – we are hard at work implementing our shared business system (ERP), OneShare. When we launched it at our Düsseldorf and Garphyttan facilities last year, it turned out to be the start of a challenging period, unfortunately affecting some of our customers. In order to capture their ideas about what we could be doing better, we carried out a qualitative customer survey that provided much valuable input.

In our work with OneShare, many of our employees have focused on solving problems in the best way possible. On the plus side, what we have learned has enabled us to develop the system to meet our particular needs more effectively. In the long run, this will provide major benefits both for us and for our customers.

Even more innovation

Innovative solutions for new product areas and constant development of our processes and ways of thinking continue to be essential to achieving our goals. We are constantly developing our capacity, and are producing more products with increasingly customizable properties. We work with surfaces, shapes and formability, carrying out many tests and developing prototypes. Currently, for example, our focus is cold drawn wire products made of stainless and carbon steel, in a variety of shapes.

At the same time, we emphasize being able to provide the stability and service we are known for, and which our customers demand. We have therefore made organizational changes and added additional resources to both Sales and Research & Development. We now have dedicated teams focusing either on new business areas or on the automotive industry.

The journey continues

Moving forward

Two years have passed since 2020, when we embarked on our journey – our five-year plan. The plan includes continuing to be a strong player in the automotive industry and also expanding our product portfolio to serve more industries. How is the journey going so far? We’re on a roll.

Expanding our product portfolio

We decided to meet market demands and diversify our operations. That's exactly what we have done. Now we are growing in new areas, even as we continue to develop in the automotive sector.

No. 1 in automatic tailgates

No matter where in the world they live, no car owner today wants to open their car's tailgate manually. Instead, they press a button and the gate opens automatically. Our wire is already playing a key role in this function.

Where does our wire go?

Our wire is found in more places than you might imagine. It may be an incredibly strong spring in a car engine, for example, or an extremely durable part of a quality mattress. And we are constantly developing new types of wire with unique properties – so that our wire can provide strength and durability in even more application areas.

Strengthened position in the automotive industry

Many years of working with the automotive industry have given us expertise and experience that are hard to beat. We are the world leader in this segment and that's what we intend to remain. But we don't take it for granted, and we never stop giving our all.

"This fantastic wire means we can be confident in what we claim"

Jonas Bratt, Production Manager at DUX - a business partner to Suzuki Garphyttan since 1992

Shaping the wire of tomorrow

The world is changing and so are we, developing our wide range of products and services in various alloys. With our passion for engineering and innovation, always in close collaboration with customers, we are shaping the wire of tomorrow. The possibilities are basically unlimited.

This is Suzuki Garphyttan

This is Suzuki Garphyttan

It all began more than a hundred years ago, in the little mill town of Garphyttan, Sweden. Over the years we have grown, developed, and expanded along with the world into what we are today: a global, world-leading producer of advanced steel wire for application areas in which quality and high performance are essential.

Together we stand, with some 640 employees around the world, as a strong, stable teammate for our partners and colleagues in the industry. We are creating new opportunities, dealing with difficulties together and taking one another to new heights. We are making steel wire for today and tomorrow, wherever and whenever it may be needed.

We take pride in our work. And in our company. We have come a long way – and yet the journey has only just begun. For if there is anything we have learned in the last hundred years, it is to keep moving ahead, together.

Part of Nippon Steel Corporation

Suzuki Garphyttan is part of the Nippon Steel Corporation in Japan. We have production sites in Sweden, the US, the UK, Mexico, and China. We also have a sales office in Germany. With custom product solutions and a global presence, we stand for strength and reliability. Today and tomorrow.

We stand firm and see opportunities

In a stormy world, we are a reliable partner. We know that the future will continue to challenge us, and we have the greatest respect for that fact. But we also see the opportunities provided by working together through challenges – and thus becoming even stronger.

Ongoing commitment to talent and capacity

We have come a long way towards meeting our goals. Now we are shifting into higher gear and continuing down our path. We continue to work on developing an organization that has what it takes to ensure that Suzuki Garphyttan is sustainable in the future.

A few words from the CEO

“2022 was a year of challenges. Yet together we succeeded in achieving results we can be proud of.” - Ad Raatgeep, CEO, Suzuki Garphyttan